Welcome to the Washington Immigrant Health Insurance Survey

Washington State is working on new health insurance coverage options for undocumented immigrants. The Immigrant and Refugee Health Alliance wants to hear about your experience with health insurance and health care. Your thoughts will shape the state’s outreach and enrollment efforts once the coverage options become available. Your responses are anonymous and confidential. You will not be asked for any personally identifiable information. To complete the survey, please choose from the languages below.




Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Immigrant and Refugee Health Alliance?
The Immigrant and Refugee Health Alliance is a group of community health centers, health care leaders and community stakeholders invested in the health and well-being of our immigrant and refugee communities in Washington State. Our group was initially formed by Community Health Network of Washington and Community Health Plan of Washington, in partnership with the Washington Association for Community Health. The Immigrant and Refugee Health Alliance is led by an Advisory Committee of representatives from the healthcare field.

Who is the Community Health Network of Washington?
Community Health Network of Washington is a network of 21 community health centers dedicated to serving our communities. Community health centers in the state joined together to create Community Health Plan of Washington and its parent company, Community Health Network of Washington.

What are the new coverage opportunities that Washington State is planning for 2024?
Various stakeholders have been working with the Health Equity for Immigrants Campaign to improve access to affordable health care and coverage for all Washington residents. The Washington State Health Benefit Exchange and the Health Care Authority have received funding to plan for an expansion of coverage. Both are currently pending approval.
The WA State Health Benefit Exchange has requested federal approval to allow undocumented immigrants to purchase qualified health plan coverage through the WA Healthplanfinder. Federal premium subsidies would not be available to offset costs, but state premium subsidies may be available to undocumented individuals up to 250% of the federal poverty level ($33,975 for an individual, or $69,375 for a family of four).
The WA State Health Care Authority has requested state approval and funding to create a Medicaid-like benefit for undocumented immigrants up to 138% of the federal poverty level ($18,754 for an individual, or $38,295 for a family of four).

Why is this survey being done?
This survey is being done to inform a landscape scan for the Health Benefit Exchange about immigrant health in WA State. Community Health Network of Washington was contracted with the Health Benefit Exchange to conduct a landscape scan – and this survey provides an opportunity to collect data directly from immigrants.

How will survey information be used?
The information will be synthesized and will be presented in a landscape scan report to the Health Benefit Exchange in January. No identifiable information is being collected and the information

Why should I respond to this survey?
This survey provides a chance to give feedback to state agencies working on implementation and outreach plans. They need feedback from immigrant communities to make this more successful.

Why should my organization help distribute this survey?
Community Health Network of Washington and the Immigrant and Refugee Health Alliance appreciate any help you can provide in helping to distribute this survey to immigrant communities.

Why are you asking about citizenship and lawful permanent residency?
This is asked to help segment the data between documented and undocumented immigrants since their experiences are likely different. We recognize this is sensitive information to ask for.

Why aren’t you offering compensation for completing the survey?
We wanted to offer compensation because we are asking community members to generously give us their time and energy. However, we did not want to ask about citizenship and ask people to give us their personal information to follow-up with compensation. It is important to be able to analyze the experience of documented versus undocumented immigrants for the purpose of this project.

How long will this survey take?
This survey should only take five minutes to complete!

How did you choose which languages to translate the survey into?
The translated languages represent the top languages spoken by uninsured and undocumented individuals in Washington State (per available data) and were expanded by the feedback of community-based organization partners. We translated into nine languages that are largely represented by the community-based organizations we are working with to distribute the survey.

When does the survey close?
The surveys will close on December 21, 2022 at 5pm. Our team will then work to synthesize the data and complete the landscape scan report, which is due on January 20, 2023.


Printable Paper Surveys

Paper surveys are available below for printing and in-person response. If printed surveys are completed, they can be scanned and emailed to: [email protected].

Alternatively, printed surveys can be mailed back by 12/19/2022.

Attn: Hawa Elias

1111 3rd Ave, Suite 400

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