Washington’s healthcare providers, research institutions, and life science companies have been on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. From tracking epidemiological data to searching for a vaccine to manufacturing respirators, Washington has taken a leadership role during this pandemic. At the same time, the virus has disproportionately impacted communities of color, particularly farm workers in Yakima and other immigrant groups. We believe that additional policy measures are necessary to protect our communities and ensure everyone has access to all the resources they need to survive this pandemic.

In December 2020, Congress passed a $900 billion COVID-19 relief package that will provide stimulus funds to approximately 3.5 million immigrants who did not receive support from the CARES Act. Unlike the previous bill, this new stimulus bill does not exclude mixed-status families.

As long as at least one adult in a household possesses a Social Security number, all other eligible members of the household can receive payments. In addition, those not eligible to receive funding under the CARES Act can receive retroactive payment this spring, providing they have an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) and file their taxes.

For more information about the stimulus and payments, read opens in a new windowthis FAQ from Clasp.


What We’re Doing to Help

Our team is supporting:

  • Community members and patients by helping individuals access health care in their communities, connecting local families and their loves ones with resources, and reaching out to more than 40,000 Washingtonians to ensure their essential needs are being met during the crisis.
  • Healthcare providers by leading outreach and communications efforts about COVID-19, assisting in the delivery of telehealth services, and working with providers to ensure uninterrupted care for Washington’s most underserved communities.
  • The broader community by participating in food drives, volunteering with local nonprofits, doing community service, and sharing their healthcare expertise, including tips for promoting positive mental health during the pandemic.

We are also supporting the following legislation and legislative priorities:

  • Passage of additional COVID-19 relief packages available to immigrant and refugee families.
  • Congressional reauthorization of the  opens in a new windowCommunity Health Center Fund.
  • Suspension of public charge regulations and swift action from the Biden Administration.
  • Prohibition of ICE activities in and around healthcare facilities.
  • Financial support for translation services that ensure immigrant and refugee families receive the care they need.


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Reviewed on 8/27/2020