As a community-focused organization, one of our goals is to empower community members with resources to help you stay informed, get involved, and advocate for immigrants and refugees in Washington. Here, we link you to some of the many organizations, networks and coalitions that are doing this work in Washington state and nationally. Each one of these organizations offers information, additional resources, and calls to action for community members who want to join the fight for health equity and immigrant and refugee rights. Click around and, if you can, lend your voice. Together, we are louder.

Advocacy Organizations:

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Washington: This state affiliate of the ACLU works to ensure justice, freedom and equality are realities for all people in Washington state, with particular attention to the rights of people and groups who have historically been disenfranchised.
  • National Immigration Law Center (NILC): NILC is one of the leading organizations in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income.
  • Northwest Health Law Advocates (NOHLA): NOHLA works to improve access to health care for all Washington residents to advance health as a human right. It engages in a wide variety of advocacy efforts to protect Washington state’s residents.
  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP): NWIRP promotes justice by defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education.
  • One America: One America is the largest immigrant and refugee advocacy organization in Washington State. They play an active and leading role in state and national coalitions working on immigrant rights, education, economic and environmental justice, voting rights, and immigrant integration.
  • Protecting Immigrant Families (PIF): PIF is a campaign made up of hundreds of diverse organizations. Its mission is to unite to advance, protect and defend access to health care, nutrition programs, public services and economic support for immigrants and their families at the local, state and federal level.
  • Save Health Care in Washington (SHCW): This grassroots advocacy network is led by community health centers of Washington state. Its objective is to educate, empower and engage people who are interested in ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, quality health care.
  • Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN): WAISN is a network dedicated to fighting for immigrant justice. Its mission is to protect and advance the power of immigrant and refugee communities through a multiracial, multilingual and multi-faith coalition.

Reviewed on 6/22/2021