Clinical Resources for Refugees

It is important for CHCs and clinicians to understand the unique care needs and circumstances of Afghan refugees. SIV applicants in Safe Havens must undergo an I-693 medical exam, which was named after Form I-693, a document used to report medical exams and vaccinations to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Under normal circumstances, this medical exam would be conducted overseas, before relocation of refugees, but the emergency situation in Afghanistan prevented that. I-693 exams are being conducted at Safe Havens, as are routine vaccinations and screenings for tuberculosis.

Below are additional resources designed to help clinicians better understand this situation and provide high-quality care to Afghan refugees. This list will continue to grow and be updated as additional resources become available. Check back again for updates.

 A group of providers and administrative staff from HealthPoint, Washington State Department of Health, Seattle Children’s, Harborview and other health organizations are currently developing a state-specific triage document. We will post it here once available.


Last Updated: 12/08/2021